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Online: News Sources
(Use paper copies if the server is busy)

Weather Sources

Yahoo's Today's News (Choose a language)
US News Online
Christian Science Monitor
Yahoo's Weather
USA Today Weather Forecast
Interactive Weather Information Network
National Warning Areas
  1. Read an article from one of the news sources above, that is related to the topic listed today on the Virtual Board displayed below.
    Go to Step 2 when ready.

    Virtual Board



    Hurrican Hugo and Costa Rica

    John McCarthy


    Select articles regarding Yugoslovia and/or Kosovo in the Balkins.

  2. In writing (paper or email), list and explain the two important ideas from the article.  Include the article's name, date, and web address.

  3. In groups of 3 or 4, share your article.  Explain the importance of one of your ideas.

  4. Learn the 3 or 5 day forecast (ask your teacher which one) for the area.

  5. Based on the forecast and events in the article, how will the weather effect what is occuring in the region?  Share your ideas below, then click the "Post Thoughts" button.  Be prepared to discuss your predictions in groups:

First Name

Article or Region

Share your ideas

Read what others have said.

Additional Activities

  • Write a news report using a word processor or a presentation tool, such as PowerPoint or HyperStudio.
  • Script and perform a video taping of news and weather from the region under study.
  • Create an art piece contrasting student's predictions with reality.  Include a brief explanation or presentation.
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