Coyote Kill by Karen Wilson
Carol returns in the sequel to the great debut mystery For Just Claws. A new killer comes to her small town. The amateur sleuth is on the trail to stop the killer before more people die. More details at Ms. Wilson's website and Amazon.






A Great READ!!! A+
The Freya Project
Michael witnesses a murder, and the killer knows his name. Follow this intense thriller from Michigan to Australia where the chase comes to a terminal end.

Mystery & Humor, a killer combination
With his second book in the series, J.A. Konrath is proving to be a presence in the Mystery genre. His third book in the series comes out this summer (website).

Check out the reviews and the first chapter online.
by Karen Wilson
For Just Claws
With a sense of humor and lively characters, follow a horse trainer as she solves a shocking murder in her community. A who-dunnit you won't put down.

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Feelings Only I Know by Susan McKenna
This book is a must read and support for parents supporting their child or children during or after a divorce. Read with your child. The book is a great way to assist needed discussion by children and adults. Published by Wayfarerbooks.

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