For Just Claws by Karen Rose Wilson


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Format: Paperback, 164pp.
ISBN: 0759680671
Publisher: 1stBooks Library
Pub. Date: March  2002

"Carol Ward loves her sleepy rural town, where the biggest event is the monthly saddle club meeting and the most controversial subject, which bridle path needs renovating. But now, murder and robbery, poisoning and mercy killing are the buzz.

Who killed the college student? Or poisoned the pop can-picking old wino who camps by the lake? And Carol wonders why her octogenarian neighbor, Marie, is acting so strangely. Does Marie know more than she wants to admit?

As bodies pile up, a harried sheriff struggles to make sense of it. Carol, warned by her all-too-conservative husband to keep her nosiness in check, nonetheless lands dead center where she shouldn't, bumbling her way into a labyrinth of deceit and greed. If she doesn't watch out, she may just be the next victim."

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