Lessons for Contemporary Publishing - Last updated:

Lessons for Contemporary Publishing - Last updated: Friday, December 26, 2008
Quarter 4
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Expert Study Project

  • Hot Zone chapters due today: Chain of Command, Garbage Bags, Space Walk
    Bibliography due today.  25 word annotation of each source is due tomorrow.
  • Hot Zone: Read for Tuesday, June 1 - Shoot Out, The Mission, Reconnaisance, Insertion
  • Complete and send query letter to expert
  • Begin brainstorm, outline, and rough draft of project.
  • Complete website evaluation form for each url source by Friday.  Any source that the form is left incomplete is rated invalid to use, unless you can defend its value in a 100 words each, giving specific details and supports.




  • Website evaluation form completed for all web sources due by end of the school day.

Extra credit: Read and solve a mystery on www.thecase.com, explaining the
guilty’s motivation. Email a copy of your answer to me. Due Monday by 5 p.m.

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