Vocabulary Study

Beneath each word and part of speech, list the following:

  1. Your best guess of the definition, based on the word and its part of speech.
  2. Write a sentence using the word in context (The word should be understood by reading the sentence).
  3. Find a dictionary definition using one of the online dictionaries.  For words that have more than one definition, copy two that seem most different from each other.
  4. Write a new sentence using the word in context. (The word should be understood by reading the sentence).  Write a sentence for each definition.


Period 5 Vocab

  1. umbrage - n
  2. hygiene - n
  3. forthright - adj
  4. heady - adj
  5. Gothic -adj
  6. buttresses - n
  7. sundry- adj
  8. probate - v
  9. benevolence - n
  10. reaped - v

Period 6 Vocab

  1. snatched - v
  2. flailing - v
  3. deem - v
  4. immaterial - adj
  5. queasy - adj
  6. demise - n
  7. obsess - v
  8. analogous - adj
  9. attributes - n
  10. inconspicuous - adj

 Once completed, click your class hour, above your vocab list to submit your work to the dictionary form.  Every three additional words done will receive extra-credit.  Contact me if you have questions.
Go to Part II of the vocab study when part I is completed.

Vocab Results are in.

Dictionary Listings Merriam-Webster Dictionary | Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition | Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus | DICT Development Group

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